Rotary Club of Tenterden

How to Join the Rotary Club of Tenterden


We are always keen to hear from potential new members. For more information please give Phil Auden a call on 01580762204 for an informal chat (or email philauden@btconnect.com )


If you would like to help us but are not sure about committing to full membership initially please consider becoming an "Associate Member of Rotary".


If you want to "give something back", Rotary can give you the chance you’ve been waiting for.

Why join Rotary?

To join a group of people who champion all sorts of communities, for fun and friendship, for business opportunities, for personal growth and development, for the chance to learn, to be part of a Worldwide community.


There's so much you can do ..

Organise events, support local charities, develop school links, encourage young people,  make a world of difference!


At Rotary we're for communities:

We help others and each other; we learn, grow and thrive together; we're part of a global community; we're a social club too!


Joining Rotary is your opportunity to make a difference.

Sarah Williams being welcomed by President Colin

Find out more about Tenterden Rotary - Getting more out of life ... working together for others

What new Rotary members say about joining Tenterden Rotary Club:


“I initially joined Rotary representing Homewood School as I was keen to further links between our students and the community. This certainly worked but I found out very quickly that I was drawn in to the warm, supportive network of friends for my own sake. The Rotarians made me feel incredibly welcome and we have a lot of fun while also helping many local, national and international causes”.

Sarah Williams


“I like the feeling of belonging I get from being a member of Tenterden Rotary Club. I feel that I have skills that are useful and as a female in her 30's I can bring a new dynamic to the club. I have got involved in events, regularly attend meetings and am proud to be taking our goodwill to a club overseas. I look forward to attending each week and hope that I will be a member for a long time.

I encourage anyone to at least give the club a try. You may be surprised at what it can do for you as much as what you can do for the club”.

Sarah Vince


“I joined Rotary as a way of meeting new friends with the added bonus of being able to help those less fortunate than me, by giving my time and energy in raising money for good causes”.

Kelvin Williams


“I enjoy being part of the Rotary because you gain an insight into the interesting charitable work different people do as well as having the opportunity to get involved where possible”.

Jo Britton